What is BizForms?
Generic Electronic Forms with Reporting Function

What can BizForms be used for?
Fully configurable online staff and client surveys,RSVP's and data acquisition forms 

Who would use BizForms?
Anybody that requires the legwork to be taken out of processing large volumes of electronic data

What if I want reporting on the data that is collected?
Reports are generated from raw data that is gathered and processed electronically, then presented in a format that is useful specifically for the purpose of the survey, event or any other need that can be satisfied.

Is a BizForm restricted to just one form on a page?
No, BizForms can be just a simple one page form or it can be a lengthy multi-page electronic booklet.

Is it just text data that is processed?
No, Liekert Scales and Semantic Differentials, etc. like the below examples can be used and processed, too.


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