What is Eezignature?
Eezignature is a software solution that standardises corporate email signatures for each user ensuring a consistent brand image to clients. Without a drain on resources to configure e-signatures on individual machines, Eezignature eliminates the set-up cost involving a desktop support technician as it enables non-technical individual users to set-up their own e-signatures using a simple wizard. For companies that use Active Directory, the e-signature installs from a central repository to automatically produce a standardised set of e-signatures without the Install Wizard i.e. it is a fully automated process involving only one employee empowered to set up hundreds or thousands of e-signatures consistent with the corporate identity, in one go.


Windows Form Version
This version is for installation and running on local machines and is recommended for smaller and medium clients without Active Directory, etc.

Console Version
This version is intended for corporate clients with central Active Directory holding all required user info and runs silently as a logon script.

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